New Teams

“On your marks, get set, collaborate!” Unfortunately, the launching of high-performance teams doesn’t happen quite that easily. That’s why Momenteam has designed a variety of highly customizable programs to help set your teams up for success right from the start. You may find yourself building strengthened relationships and a foundation of trust, aligning goals, developing critical team agreements and / or simply having some fun together!

Launch your teams for success with these sample programs:


Team Jumpstart

Ignite Your Team. Foster Camaraderie. Create Momentum.

Team Launch

Build Relationships. Align & Focus Team Members. Inspire for Success.

Team Styles

Explore Unique Styles. Learn Team Effectiveness Tools. Create Connections with Colleagues.




Has your team been working together for awhile now? If so, it’s only natural to need a little boost or fine-tuning to take you to the next level of performance.  Or you may be finding that recent changes, such as the introduction of new team members or the shifting of your project’s scope, may be ‘rocking the boat.’ In either case, our programs will help you extend the shelf life of your teams to maximize both their engagement and their output.

Take your existing teams to the next level of WOW! with a customized version of these programs:

Team Boost

Inject a Jolt of Energy. Strengthen Camaraderie. Re-engage Team Members.

Team Tune-Up

Calibrate Your Team. Fine-tune Performance. Refocus Your Team.

Team Relaunch

Establish new norms. Course correct for performance. Re-energize Your Team.

Team Away Days

Energize Your Team. Motivate for Performance. Have fun!

Team Styles

Boost Team Performance. Enhance Communication. Navigate Team Dynamics.