While Momenteam was founded in 2004, we’ve actually been in the business of strengthening teams and leaders for over 25 years working at all levels of organizations across multiple industries.


Our Philosophy

Momenteam’s philosophy is quite simple and it applies not only to our programs but to our entire process of partnering with our clients. We are committed to being different, engaging, and relevant & applicable.

To truly move individuals and teams forward, something different needs to be happening, and that’s what Momenteam’s programs offer: something different. Our solutions offer a unique and memorable experience with lasting results. This means you won’t hear your employees saying “been there, done that” or “same old, same old.” Why does this matter? Because doing the same thing simply leads to the same results, and we believe our clients ARE looking for something different.

Perhaps what Momenteam is most known for is our ability to make programs engaging. In fact, all of our programs are designed to be highly interactive and, dare we say, fun to participate in. It’s basic adult learning practices in action and we are fully committed to them because we realize they are what make our programs relevant and fun while yielding long-lasting results. So, count on getting up and out of your seat, interacting with other participants and learning by doing. It’s simply the Momenteam way.

Relevant & Applicable. 
Ultimately our commitment is to provide you with a program that is actually useful and has on-going impact. So, while every program was created for a specific set of client needs, they remain highly-customizable to ensure they meet your current needs. And, we’re ready to start from scratch if we don’t have the perfect solution that truly aligns with your objectives. That is, after all, how every Momenteam program came to be. 


Our People

In 1994 Julia Douglas, Momenteam’s Founder, left IBM Canada where she’d begun her professional career, packed up a U-Haul and moved across the border to Boston, MA to launch her team and leadership development career.

Julia’s focus in her early years was on the design of experiential team exercises including simulations which have been licensed by the most highly regarded leadership training companies in North America. She subsequently completed a Masters in Training & Development at Lesley University and over the past 25+ years, has been designing and delivering top-rated, high-impact programs for leaders and teams across industries and at all levels of organizations. On a personal level, after chapters in Boston, San Diego and Cleveland, Julia and her family now reside in Maryland.

Momenteam’s additional team members are talented and experienced facilitators and coaches who are located throughout the country and are ready to work with our clients across the continent and beyond. 

Speaking of our team, we recognize that a great facilitator is just as important as a great program and that, without both, we won’t be successful. Therefore, we set high standards for our facilitators ensuring they are skilled, professional, charismatic and personable. In other words, as we like to put it at Momenteam, they have The Connection Factor™.

As a side note, they happen to be a particularly interesting crew with some fascinating pastimes, interests and accomplishments! Some favorite facts we’ve learned about our facilitators include:

  • One has hiked all 2,167 miles of the Appalachian Trail in 6 months.

  • One has worked with Meryl Streep and has studied low flying trapeze.

  • One is a Yale graduate (with 2 Masters) who has written and performed in a one-woman show.

  • One completed a triathlon when only 6 months prior he didn’t even know how to swim.

  • One has been a software salesperson, lead singer, actor sax player and Jr. Controller.

  • One performed in a stage production in 70+ cities around North America and Europe in 10 months.

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