Momenteam is not just the name of our company. It also represents the results that clients report our Leadership & Team Development Programs deliver. You’ll find our unique solutions transforming teams and leaders to reach new levels of engagement, effectiveness & impact while, oddly enough, actually enjoying the process. Simply put, at Momenteam we move teams and leaders forward. (noun): the sustainable energy and forward motion generated within individuals and groups through the development of critical skills, processes and / or relationships.

Leadership Programs

Featuring “The Connection Factor” Program Series. High-impact programs focused on equipping leaders with the essential skills needed to engage, influence and inspire their people to action.

Team Programs

Highly customizable solutions designed to take your team to the next level of “WOW!” no matter what stage of the life cycle your team is at.  

Team Building Activities+

Top-rated, fun-to-participate-in and valuable experiences that get participants connecting in new ways, launching new conversations and creating lasting memories together.

What Participants Are Saying…

“This was the most rewarding program I’ve ever taken!”

“When people think of team building activities the knee-jerk reaction is to assume it will be boring or on the hokey side - this day was nothing of the sort!”

“The facilitator was fantastic – best I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot).”

“Highly professional, content-rich workshop.”

“A one-of-a-kind facilitator!”

“This program was empowering!”

“Best team building program that I have ever participated in. Extremely valuable!”

“Another great program by Momenteam – effective for all levels.”