The Connection Factor: Leadership

For current leaders who want to deepen their impact and connection with any audience (colleagues, customers and other stakeholders) by engaging, influencing, and inspiring them to action.

Participants experience dramatic shifts in their Connection Factor as we identify their areas of power as well as specific Connection Tools which need strengthening. This is accomplished through instruction, practice and practical in-the-moment Coaching. The Connection Factor: Leadership program includes OSCR™ Winning Stories – see below.


The Connection Factor: OSCR™ Winning Stories

For participants who are looking to strengthen their impact and connection through the power of Storytelling.

OSCR™ Winning Stories explores the art, science and magic of telling stories by providing specific tips & techniques, a Connection Toolkit, a roadmap, and in-the-moment Coaching. The result? Participants are empowered to tell engaging and relevant stories that really connect with their audience, deliver a powerful message, create a buzz… and lead to action.

Momenteam’s OSCR Winning StoryTElling MOdel


The Connection Factor: Personal Impact

For leaders in the making who want to impress and “dress” for the job they want.

The TCF: Personal Impact program focuses on helping participants make powerful and lasting impressions, have confidence and poise in their verbal communications and ultimately pave a path for professional advancement in their organization. Through fine-tuning of their Connection Toolkit and in-the-moment Coaching, participants are equipped to connect powerfully with, and influence, colleagues at all levels.

The Connection Factor: Coaching

For leaders & leaders in the making who are looking for personalized, one-on-one, intensive Connection Factor training.

The TCF: Coaching package provides flexible, one-on-one, customized coaching enabling the Coachee to focus on their defined area of need. Whether it be Storytelling or the use of specific tools within their Connection Toolkit, our approach is tailored to ensure visible and impactful steps are made within each coaching session. Coachees are launched from the partnership ready to more powerfully engage with their audiences with confidence, poise and presence.


Participants’ Comments

“This was the most rewarding program I have ever taken!”

“A one-of-a-kind facilitator.”

“This program was empowering!”

“I was blown away by what I learned!”

“Fabulous workshop!”

“Highly professional, content-rich program.”

“This was extraordinarily helpful!”

“Excellent training for practicing skills.
Extremely useful.”

“Thank you for your personalized, engaging, compassion-based instruction.”

“One of the most useful workshops.”